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Alaska State Trooper Enforcement - Butte Area
Silver Lining -Popular Jim Creek the place to be - Frontiersman, August 1, 2006
Produce Shopping On Bodenburg Loop - KTUU Channel 2, July 26, 2006
“Raceway Owners Wave White Flag,”Anchorage Daily News, August 20, 2006. Northstar
 Speedway to Co-Locate with Alaska Raceway Park in Butte.
“Butte residents object to plans for oval stock car track,” by Rindi White, Anchorage Daily
 News, September 20, 2006.
“Racetrack Plans Cause Uproar,” by Darrell Breese Frontiersman, September 26, 2006
“Officials Rev Up Racetrack Plan,” by Rindy White, Anchorage Daily News, November 1, 2006
“Track Ordinance Ok’d,” by Michael Rovita, Frontiersman, November 23, 2006.
“Racetrack Law Hits Iron Dog Too,” by Rindy White, Anchorage Daily News, November 23, 2006
“Ice Dams Cause Flooding in Butte,” KTUU channel 2, November 24, 2006
“Cold Creates Flood Dangers,” by S.J.Komarnitsky, Anchorage Daily News November 25, 2006
“Illegal Disposal Will Cost Jail Time” by Julia O’Malley, Anchorage Daily News February 3, 2007
“Public Reflects on Knik River’s Wildlife” by Zaz Hollander,
http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/matsu/story/8645208p-8536967c.html , or
Anchorage Daily News February 16, 2007 .
“Get Ready for Zoning Changes Along the Matanuska River,” MATANUSKA RIVER
EROSION CONTROL Proposed Rules, KTUU - Channel 2 - Video March 13, 2007
. Read KTUU article.
“Controversy Lingers Over Recreation Area” - Frontiersman editorial, April 1, 2007.
“Public Input on Knik River,” KTUU Channel 2 by Rebecca Palsha
http://www.ktuu.com/Global/story.asp?S=6328898 or Channel 2, April 4, 2007.
“Knik-area residents say trouble calls are ignored” by Zaz Hollander:
or, Anchorage Daily News, April 6, 2007
“Troopers Try To Quiet Guns At Knik River” by Zaz Hollander -
http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/matsu/story/8780511p-8681998c.html or,
Anchorage Daily News, April 10, 2007 According to ADN, this is one of their top e-mailed stories.
“Knik River Crackdown” - Anchorage Daily News Editorial April 12, 2007
“Road’s Evolution Mirrors Growth in Rural Area”(Knik River Road Story) by Zaz Hollander
 - http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/matsu/story/8784037p-8685559c.html
 or Anchorage Daily News, April 11, 2007 - without photo.
“Jim Creek Safety Regulations”, KTVA Channel 11, Steve O’Brien, April 13, 2007
“Different Ways To Mark Memorial Day” by Mark Wellner.
http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/matsu/story/8931749p-8831971c.html or
Anchorage Daily News, May 30, 2007.
“Trouble is, Knik area has lots of public uses,” by Zaz Hollander -
http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/matsu/story/9084458p-9000530c.html or
Anchorage Daily News, June 27, 2007
“Visiting camper victimized at Jim Creek” by Andrew Wellner, Anchorage Daily News, July 20, 2007
Indictment Alleges That Ranes and Shine Killed Tom Cody,Missing Since June 2005 -
Tom Cody’s car found in Jim Creek Area of Butte. December, 2006.
“Body Found Two Years After Disappearance” by Lisa Deemer, Anchorage Daily News July 20, 2007
See also July 19, 2007: KTUU Channel 2 Coverage ; KTVA Channel 11 Coverage ,
KTVA Channel 11 Coverage July 20, 2007. July 22, 2007: The Frontiersman,
 Hannah Guillaume.

Marijuana conspiracy money may have sponsored Butte racetrack”, by Hannah Guillaume,
The Frontiersman, August 10, 2007.
“Knik River Area Abuse Fuels Law Enforcement,” by Hannah Guillaume, The Frontiersman,
August 17, 2007.

“End of Trail Near For Poney Ride Owner,” by Melody Wright, Anchorage Daily News,
August 17, 2007.

“Borough Rescue Boat Needs Mechanical Help,” by Andrew Wellner, Anchorage Daily News,
September 7, 2007.

“Palmer Locals Feud Over Possible Gun Range.” KTVA Channel 11, August 4, 2009

“Butte Residents Up In Arms Over Proposed Firing Range.” KTVA Channel 11, August 5, 2009
“Butte Locals Are Now Feuding over ATV Trails,” KTVA Channel 11, August 6, 2009